Proposal of creativity for Spotahome, rental of apartments and rooms more secure and easy to use media and long stays in 29 cities in Europe and Asia.


Target: Tenants & Landlords. Within a Social Media Plan focused to 15 cities in 5 languages. Carrousel FB + FB dynamic (gif) and 4 static sizes of GDN (Google Display Network) the announcement is composed: copy + call to action + logo, size 1080 x 1080.





Client: Spotahome Apartments and rooms for rent

Proyect: SMP Project

City: Madrid. Spain

Category: Digital Marketing

Year: 2018

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12 de enero de 2018. Emisión en diferido de la Jornada "El diseño español en el siglo XXI: retos y estrategias". En el Congreso de los Diputados de Madrid.