PhD Student in Marketing

Posted 13.03.17


Tuesday, February 28, 2017 held a poster session at the Saló de Graus of the Faculty of Economics in which each student presented his work in the chosen research line. Students presented their research proposals to teachers and guardians share a working lunch... On the occasion of the completion of the teaching phase of the doctorate in marketing 2016 / 2017,


After a period of initial training for two months in scientific marketing, marketing PhD students have completed classes with a poster session. Teachers and students have had the opportunity to share their ideas and knowledge in a friendly and relaxed, which is has been able to enjoy learning thanks to all attendees


PhD. Amparo Cervera and new Coordinator of the doctorate PhD. Ines Kuster closed the ceremony with the delivery of certificates of attendance to the activities of the doctorate and thanking their collaboration to students, the team of academic colleagues and administrative staff.


Now begins a new challenge in my career professional and academic that hope finish with success in a term of three years my thesis before 2020.


Photograph of the session's Poster at the Saló de Facultat d' Economía, Universitat de Valencia.


12 de enero de 2018. Emisión en diferido de la Jornada "El diseño español en el siglo XXI: retos y estrategias". En el Congreso de los Diputados de Madrid.

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