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Posted 13.12.16


I am happy to participate and find my professional profile and new brand "Piotrek Pérez" inside the directory of Spanish Designers at Interiors from Spain. Initiative of the ICEX Institute of foreign trade to promote products and Spanish Designers in foreign markets.


ICEX organize every year a series of technical workshops for Design Studios and Designers in a different markets such as China, Japan, Turkey and the United States. Where generates the opportunity of creating a relationship professional and contacts bilateral with retailers, manufacturers and designers of others countries moved by the same concern, the design.


The following video shows the management of the Conference technical and interviews with different employers and Spanish designers such as Borja Tamames, General Manager at Mormedi, Toni Clariana, Ceo at Magma Design, Ramón Martínez, director of strategy at Stimulo Design, among others.


Above detail of the work of identity corporate Audiovisual from Spain carried out by the Studio Nomon Design in 2009


Conference technical ICEX annual for studies of design of product Spanish in different markets as (China, Japan, Turkey and United States).

ICEX has a digital magazine focused on the Spanish design and Spanish designers for free download on the following platforms:


Android tablets & smartphones

iPhone & iPad

Amazon Kindle Fire

Windows Desktop & tablets




12 de enero de 2018. Emisión en diferido de la Jornada "El diseño español en el siglo XXI: retos y estrategias". En el Congreso de los Diputados de Madrid.

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