Creativos con audiencia

Posted 15.05.12

The cycle "Creativos con audiencia" Dialogues on advertising was distributed in five sessions involving experts from the world of design and advertising Two talks and three round tables addressed the role of other actors of the sector: graphic designers, publishers, illustrators and advertising agencies of Valencia. Activity will involve experts and successful professionals such as Isidro Ferrer, Pablo Alzugaray, Pepe Gimeno, Kike Correcher, Dani Nebot, Ibán Ramón, Boque Bazán, Silvia Bajo, Paco Roca, Rafa Fonteriz, fist, Sento and Modesto Granados, besides rowing, Rosebud, Exit and Dimarco advertising agencies.


I had the opportunity to exchange impressions on the design with some of the speakers.


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