#4ENAD #Málaga

Posted 23.09.16

#4ENAD are meetings where there are annual projects developed by READ and to facilitate a common space of analysis and proposal of processes or situations related to the exercise of the design by all actors to the participating.  Establish and strengthen alliances between professional, centers of training, companies and institutions public, to exemplify the benefit that a correct use of the design provides.


I have been participating in the table of work number one: design and platform technology. Coordinated by Benicio Aguerrea, -EIDE- and Adela Martín, -Mineco- Ministry of economy and competitiveness of Spain.


12 de enero de 2018. Emisión en diferido de la Jornada "El diseño español en el siglo XXI: retos y estrategias". En el Congreso de los Diputados de Madrid.

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